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2/5/11 by sixflab

Well my life has been rather hectic lately and with working 40 hours a week plus going to school it kind of burned me out mentally and physically. I probably pissed some people off here and there and made a few mistakes in my life but who hasn't. End result I took some time off to bring things back together. One of the best decisions I think i've ever made. I did have to use some of the money I had saved up but it was worth it since I was able to get into a more stable environment. Pretty much back into doing everything that I like to do and enjoy doing. Added bonus of having someone special there to do those things with me.


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I'm lazy too.

This was a while ago, so how have things been lately? Probably better.

8/2/11 sixflab responds:

Well it's life so when one thing clears up another thing arises. Probably should make a new news post but i'm lazy and might not :p

iss good to know things are workin` out for you, hope to seeya on the chat soon!



First of all ,Golden Sun is great, loved all the games.
It´s good to see that your decision affected your life in a good way, I hope that things continue to be good for you and that you will be even more happy in the future.

4/23/11 sixflab responds:

Thanks man. Appreciate the comment :)



Djinn power!

4/18/11 sixflab responds:

Lol, it gives me much strength.



You really think I'm special? :O

4/16/11 sixflab responds:

Oh, baby.

Thanks for the fly comment man! we appreciate it

3/8/11 sixflab responds:

No problem. Enjoyed the game a ton.






is that image from golden sun? lol

2/13/11 sixflab responds:

lol yes actually

Thats good for you
i mean an newgrounder (unless hes retarded) has my support
Go go go go ng guy :P