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This one however, I think, redeems MC9 quite nicely. The music is right back up to the standards I'd expect from a Madness flash, and it seems to sync up more with the events happening more than the others so on that I congratulate cheshyre. The animation itself seemed much more ambitious, the opening part with the Auditor clearly took some time and overall was pretty cool. The only thing that stole from that opening scene was how slow the frame rate was, and really the only negative thing I have to say about the flash overall. I like how you brought it full circle with Tricky killing off the Auditor at the end. It's not the best ending that you could have gone with but it works out well.

Great for a first

I can see you put a lot of time and effort into this. It has the Krinkel's charm and a few nods to some of the seens in his episodes to. And guys, IT'S A TRIBUTE, It's not supposed to be the most original work ever. There's a lot of neet effects here, most noticably the blood animations, and feels just like an episode in madness. Hopefully you keep working in flash and make even better stuff in the future.


You never cease to sicken me to the pelvis bones, and there is nothing cryptic about your flashes ever. Abject is your style of humor, yet the absolute and outrageous execution of this sick comic scene elevates this flash to a perfect 10. I laughed quite strongly towards the end, the thought behind this is low, but you perform this short so well and in such the right course, and critically with the correctly conformed choice of character that this flash is simply memorable. I would possibly call it a Newgrounds classic, because unlike many movies this is a one of my seen selection that will log firmly into the memory bank. and how much richer in comedy is my memory for storing this hilarity.

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Nice stuff Shadling

Love your stuff man. Nice mix of interesting concept drawings. Some of them are pretty darn good and have a lot of detail in them. Great music as a backdrop and it's quite easy to navigate through all of the pictures. I'm sure you'll keep the great work coming.

Great physics game

-The game really does have a lot going for it. Graphically it's pretty simple so it doesn't destroy computers to play. The gravity mechanic is very unique especially when you go for the 4X multiplier award. Usually I hate turn-based games but the simplicity of the turns is what keeps me interested. There's no intricate menus to sort through but instead just simply picking a weapon and a victim. The music is repetitive but it's a good soundtrack still.

-This game has a sense of humor with the zany ways they all celebrate when they succeed. The AI is actually surprisingly smart and often does some really ridiculous kills. At the same time though, it's hilarious when they mistakenly blow themselves out of bounds, into shields and into the sun. That almost gives it the feeling as if you're playing against a real person. Value-wise the game has it all. 25 levels is ample if you want to kill some time and that doesn't include getting all the gold medals/awards/rewards.

Great time waster

What is there to say really? I wouldn't consider this a guilty pleasure, but a massive addiction! I can't believe combos could go on for so long that I hit a few proxy bombs and laid my game with pretty much everything, and after coming back from getting a drink, my 30,000 combo was just ending. A great game to kill time but isn't anything groundbreaking.

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Oh, fan :P

-Coming to this I first thought it was going to be about a fan that blows wind and I feel kind of silly for not thinking about the other fan possibility first. Some nice indie work and you've been coming along nicely I see. Cool to see that you aren't working solo anymore.

-I feel like a broken record saying that the guitar intro was sloppy but it can always be worked on in the future. When things calm down and the vocals come in it sounds much better and you have a nice mix of percussion in the background. I do quite enjoy the part that starts at 1:34 too and it's a nicely placed transition to give the song a boost. I'm going to assume that it's the chorus since it comes up again later too. But it's good :) For the most part the vocals come through clearly and are pronounced enough.

-Overall the structure of the song and lyrics fit well together. Just a nice blend of everything. Filled with many high and low points. Once of the better works i've heard from you. The beginning and end aren't customary but they give the song a nice edge of being on the spot and not pre-planned. Hope everything turns out well with the band.

-Review Request Club

Sawdust responds:

Thanks a lot, man! I'll definitely work on the points you said and such. I'm still planning on adding more sections anyway. Glad you liked it! If you want I'll send you a download link to our EP once we finish. Thanks!

Came out well

-I thought the title and sound were familiar. Nice to see you put some time into finishing this and making it into a full fledged song. There are still the same elements from the loop which was definitely a solid base to start with and i'll agree that being simple is better than trying to overdo it.

-Came in with strong some strong kick in the percussion and it fit nicely with the melody when it came in. The melody is still full of life and rather catchy. Very fast tempo and keeps you pumped up and in the action. Has a nice mix of back ambient noise that was a nice contrast. Very full rounded song with nice transitions and a nice forward flow.

-Review Request Club

Very electronic

-Ah, vocals. Don't hear too much work with this addition and it was a pleasant suprise when this started playing. Very catchy song. The melody just gets stuck in your head and seems like something you can imagine hearing on the radio. The electronic mixing on it brought an interesting side to this and I quite liked it. Plus wobble bass, definitely brought some variety to this. Structured well with several nice builds in momentum. Definitely worth the listen and I honestly think it deserves a higher score for the work put in.

-Review Request Club

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Good. But leaves you to question.

-Saw that we made a little mistake in compiling the list when you posted. Thought it would be only right to review it first so I don't miss it personally. I don't see too many of these comic strip art pieces but that's probably because I barely frequent the art portal that much anymore. Maybe i'll find a spark by reviewing some art.

-I like how it's overly dramatic but makes sense and could actually happen. A nice bit of storytelling with not too much in the form of words. Not exactly sure why they are running. Maybe it could of been fit into the police officer's dialogue somewhere. The progression of the story leads to an almost fitting comedic relief and makes the officer become perplexed in the background. Will he let them go or will he continue with his duty?

-I like how you have a stereotypical tomboy/pretty girl combination in the lesbian lovers. It makes it all too clear why the tomboy tries to be the tough one but ends up failing. Gritty hard working cop who is in the way and the pretty one who is stuck in the fray. A little confused by the dark eyes as they work for the cop and the tomboy but not the redhead. It just makes her look a little wierd. Maybe there is a reason for that though.

-Location is well suited. Dark and forlorn. Rather secluded area for the standoff to happen. Isn't too fancy to let you know exactly where they are but gives you enough to infer for yourself. I also like how you blocked off each picture into a different shape or size of rectangle. Overall it's a rather good comic strip but it left me with those few questions.

-Review Request Club

Aigis responds:

In the original script I actually had a reason stated for the cop chasing after them, but decided that it wasn't necessary in the end. I quite enjoy telling stories with as few words as possible.


This caught my eye while browsing since it's in a classic black and white drawing. Well drawn and quite hilarious. I love how you have a human taking orders at the place selling human flesh.

Fight to the death!

-Probably going to sound a bit critical but the character and the black enemies seem a bit flat. The environment is angled well to show depth but it doesn't carry over well to the individuals in the environment. Could be a lack of a major light source to garner this(small fireballs).

-The abilities look nice and could probably have some nice effects in the planned game but here the close up doesn't let you see them actually unleashing on the dark characters and just in their start phase. The enemies could also be closer to make it seem more dramatic as they are still off in the distance.

-The pillars in the background do however look nice. Paired with the floor texture they make a great combination and as said before show good depth but I just felt the rest of the picture was too much in the beginning phase and advancing it to a more dramatic fight scene could improve on the picture.

-Review Request Club

I'm a pretty laid back person. Like some things about the new design but still like a lot of things from the old one :/

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